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RESTAURANT ATLANTA bocca MARAIWhen we opened Atlanta in 1996, we had a clear vision of what we wanted. We wanted all our desires, and perceived opportunities to translate into a unique harmony that would allow us, our employees and guests conditions in which we all could work together as a family. Now, fourteen years later, thanks to you, we succeeded. Atlanta bases the menu on fish dishes and Mediterranean cuisine. Our chef cooks every dish to bring a touch of personality and uniqueness that is recognized and indispensable to all our guests. Our permanent staff, cooks, waiters and other auxiliary workers, contributes to the joint synergy and sense of community in which we try to build our internal and external relations.

RESTAURANT ATLANTA bocca MARAIATLANTA bocca MARAI is a continuation of the story started 1996. We offer our guests what they have already recognized and accepted by the addition of new dishes that we can offer because of the size of our kitchen which is built by the latest HACCP standards. All ingredients used in the preparation of the dishes are of superior quality and the finest available in Croatia. Guests of our restaurants are well known and respected members of the world of politics, sports, show biz, film and all other eminent people from various spheres of political, cultural and public life and from around the world. There are also those less famous, but they are equally important and valuable to us. Those who help us to be what we are.
Those who help us to be what we are.





RESTAURANT ATLANTA bocca MARAI We present to you the new face of Atlanta restaurant. Through tradition, quality and distinctive cuisine we have been serving our guests for many years, providing gastronomic delights in a well-known and friendly atmosphere. In order to allow our guests the ultimate comfort and pleasant atmosphere, we have moved from Tkalčićeva street to a new location recently and are open for business.

We are located in the center of the city’s commercial zone, in Miramarska Street, just a short walk from the city center. Behind the glass facade of the building that houses Croatia Osiguranje you will find a separate world of bocca Marai restaurant, which consists of a few well intended, but a unique dining areas, offering various options for your complete enjoyment.
ATLANTA Bocca MARAI was created because of our desire to fulfill our guests dining needs and give more. While keeping the supply and quality of food you are accustomed to in Atlanta, we are offering the finest culinary dishes and superior wine selections through the ways of unique presentation and consumption of the food.
The central part of the restaurant has an area with sixty seats over which there is an open loft gallery space, designed as a separate level that gives the impression of seclusion, but with the possibility of enjoying the view of the central dining area below. On the Weekend evenings, the gallery turns into a jazz stage that transmits the sounds of light jazz throughout the restaurant. We also have a VIP dining room located via a private stairway, which is completely separate and equipped in accordance with the criteria of VIP (plasma, internet, personal service).
Our goal is to give everyone the opportunity to choose exactly what you want from a restaurant at a certain point – the feeling of the privacy of your own home, a place to hold a business meeting or be in a hip crowded atmosphere with your closest friends. It would be an exceptional honor to us that our guests are not just visitors to our house, but our friends.
The secret of relationship is not in things that can be seen or touched – but that can be felt or sensed. Thank You for your patronage.

Restaurant ATLANTA bocca MARAI




IMG_7079Conceived as a space where your privacy becomes our imperative.
In a secluded area that is luxuriously decorated, we offer our VIP lounge. It allows you complete privacy. The VIP area is available in our restaurant for all guests who may need at some point to have their business meeting, private talk or to present other ideas with minimal exposure to the views of others. This room is equipped with everything you need for business dinners or lunches and presentations of companies: large plasma, internet connection, Max TV, a library and its own wardrobe. This area can accommodate twenty people (20-25), or less, depending on your needs.
Guests in the VIP lounge have a serving staff that will be at the moment only available to them, with a maximum dose of discretion.